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Heavy Haul

B&V Specialized can offer a turnkey solution that includes cranes, transportation, and on-site supervision.  Whether it is one truck load or 100, B&V Specialized can manage the project from start to finish and provide daily updates on the progression.  B&V specializes in projects such as:

Total Plant Relocations
Drilling Rigs
Compressor Packages
Processing Equipment

Not every piece of equipment can be loaded and hauled to its final destination.  When dealing with oversized, overweight or both the journey begins long before the crane puts it on a trailer.  With over 100 years of combined experience B&V knows each step of the process and shortcuts only lead to expensive problems.  Each specialized load is unique but follows a similar 4 step process:

Design Stage – Understanding the scope of work and meeting the delivery schedules.

Feasibility Studies – Evaluating the dimensions, weight, and critical components such as location, routes and travel to make recommendations to save cost or ensure deliverability.

Route Survey – Analyzing origination to destination and confirming best possible route.

Site Survey – Visiting the destination to make sure it is accessible.  This survey determines what transport equipment is needed and if site alterations are required.