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Our Team


Bill Vollmer, co-founder, B&V Specialized, Inc. Mr. Vollmer is co-founder of B&V Specialized, a company providing transport services with loads up to 335,000# nationwide, Mexico and Canada. Bill is an entrepreneur who began in 1974 and is responsible for taking B&V Specialized from a business plan to a multi-million dollar company servicing various companies in the country. His experience in transporting has been widespread in materials such as sand, gravel, and steel pipe before leading him to the heavy haul industry. When not focused on solving transporting challenges, Bill is an avid boater and enthusiast.

Safety Director

Jon Rowlett has over 25 years in training, documentation, manual development, audits and quality requirements.  He is currently co-owner in Doc-Lite, LLC, a company with extensive knowledge in environmental health and safety, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, gap analysis and customer auditing.  Doc-Lite currently supports B&V Specialized by managing their regulatory safety training program.


Our drivers have an average of 29 plus years of heavy haul experience with no major accidents.  These particular drivers have been a part of the team ranging from 2-25 years.

To become a driver of the B&V Specialized team we require a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the heavy haul industry, a high level of professionalism an exceptional safety track record.